Hahnemann Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. is a leading ISO 9001:2006 & GMP certified manufacturer of Homeopathic Medicines and Herbal Cosmetics with sales across the Indian retail market, certified healthcare professionals and catering to various departments at the Government of India; with its corporate and registered office in New Delhi, India.

Way back in 1980s with Homeopathy gaining popularity in India there was a great need of homeopathic drugs, it was then that Late Shri K. K. Narula visualized and conceptualized a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit for producing quality and government certified homeopathic medicines with the only purpose of serving the mankind.

HP manufacturers a wide range of homeopathic medicines such as 21 popular Syrups, imported Bach Flower Remedies from the UK, Dilutions in 30, 200, 1M, 10M and 50M potency, Mother Tincture with complete category (A – F), Herbal Ointments and Herbal Cosmetics such as Arnica Silky Shine Oil, Arnica Silky Shine Shampoo and Herbal Henna.

Under the leadership and guidance of HP’s Managing Director, Mrs. Neeru Narula, we have achieved great milestones and consistently maintained best practices in the world of homeopathy in India. The company partners with brokers, distributors and retail chains to make homeopathic medicines available to a wide variety of consumers and healthcare physicians.

The headquarters is based in Naraina Industrial Area which continues to serve as the manufacturing and distribution capabilities. All our products goes through a stringent quality process and are clinically tested ensuring safe and effective cure to the mankind which is constantly monitored and supervised by our certified drug approved chemist .