Homoeo Card

Indication HOMOEO CARD works as a heart tonic & improves the Circulation of Blood , Strengthens heart muscles, relives breathlessness,anxiety, palpitation, sinking heart, tachycardia & oedema, arrests the depositin of chlesterol. Rrelives stressd Alcoholics,over weights and heavy smokers. effective in Anginal attacks also

CompositionEach 5ml containts Crateagus Oxy. 2ml Cactus G. 2x 1.33ml Camphour 2x 0.33ml Strophanthus H. 3x 0.34ml Valeriana off 1x 0.67ml Aurum Mur. 3x 0.34mg DM water & Excipients q.s Alcohol contents 40%v/v

Dosage20-30 Drops diluted with half cup of water thrice a day. Or directed by physician.

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Price - Rs 136/-